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Our Purpose

Our belief is that improvement can be sustained only if everyone is valued. We strive to find a way for leadership and the workforce to value each other and seek improvement that benefits everyone.

Our story

Richard McPike formed OrgZoo in 2007 following a career in the pharmaceuticals industry and a further 10 years with change management specialists ODR and Changefirst.

After spending years applying the grief curve and the commitment curve to approximate behaviour change, he finally synthesised a journey model for behaviour change that makes sense behaviourally – its called The Z. He combined change management and cognitive behavioural thinking to address the lack of direct connection to behaviour in earlier approaches.

The Z is not a panacea, however, it does provide a more accurate and less judgemental journey model for behaviour change. It helps you architect and plan the right interventions at the right time during organisational improvement efforts. The practical architecture guide for The Z is a practical “how to” publication called the Business Improvement Method (BIM) a.k.a. The Method.

Our Values

  • Be the supporters and advisors we always wanted when we were in corporate life.
  • Input positive energy to the client at all times.
  • Be good teachers and good students.
  • Keep assignments short by transferring skills to prevent dependency – leave when client doesn’t need you but still wants you.
  • Role model being focused and help our clients remain focused – we and they cannot fix everything.
  • Guarantee complete satisfaction about the services we provide.


Our Partnerships


We are certified practitioners of the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance™ Model, which is a tool we use to assess and improve the performance of transformation teams. For more information visit www.grove.com


We are certified Wallbreakers™ professionals, which is a simulation we use to orientate transformation teams. For more information visit www.workz.dk


We are the creators of the EZOZ Leadership Impact Feedback Trust (LIFT) system, which delivers immediate performance improvement. For more information visit www.ezoz.co.uk

Energise Zone

We are providers of interventions that give leaders, groups and project teams direction, guidance and energy. We transfer models, processes and behavioural skills to ensure self-sufficiency. For more information visit www.energisezone.com

Companies we’ve worked with

  • SSE
  • Nokia
  • Royal Mail
  • Biffa
  • Swindon Borough Council
  • Kemira


OrgZoo is an education, method and consulting support service for large organisations who must implement improvements. We focus primarily on defining, designing and delivering the behavioural modifications required from people to realise benefit from the improvement effort. Then we provide the practical tools to help leaders navigate the improvement journey.

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