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Kemira Supply Chain management had to reverse a decentralisation organisational change that they had just completed very successfully due to a change in market conditions and corresponding strategic realignment.

We had previously helped the leadership team with the decentralisation. The challenge was how to support them with this 180 degree shift credibly without demotivating the global team.

What we did

  • We proposed to the leader they simply confronted the change head on, through sharing “What we did before was right and now the company has changed strategy, which is also right. We now need to work through the new implementation.” (This worked because the leader was highly skilled and highly trusted.)
  • The change did not merely reverse the old change so the additional features of the solution were emphasized in the communication and involvement plan.
  • Open large scale implementation planning workshops for the new change involving the global team of 40 leaders were designed with the senior leaders.
  • The large scale events were facilitated and real time outputs produced for rapid action.


The decentralisation was effectively reversed to align with the new corporate strategy.

The team learned that market and business shifts cause sudden unexpected change and, more importantly, they developed the discipline to dismantle what they had just built without frustration or losing motivation.

You were totally professional and provided excellent facilitation to support the change implementation planning in this tricky situation.

Antti Salminen

Supply Chain VP at the time, Kemira

(The capability and leadership of Antti was the main reason this change could be successfully accomplished.)


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