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Background to The Z and The Method (Business Improvement Method)

In the early 2000’s you didn’t have to dig too deep into most models for “planned organisational change” to find –

Resistance to change” based on Elizabeth Kubler Ross’s grieving stages from 1969 On Death and Dying


Commitment to change” Ronald Havelock’s 6 stages for building commitment from 1973 The Change Agent’s Guide to Innovation in Education.

These models served change practitioners well in communicating an estimate of the behavioural change journey. However, they do frame responses to change as positive or negative and are approximations of, rather than truly based on observations of behavioural change.

Leaning on research and the construction of the Transtheoretical Model (TTM, Prochaska, Diclemente et al) which integrates the various schools of psychology of behaviour change, as well as years of practical change implementation experience, Richard sought to develop a practical yet valid model. “I wanted the language to be fit for businesses and be more accurate in describing behaviour change than resistance/ commitment approximations.”

In addition he wanted to build a positive framework and reduce the “risk management” orientation of previous “change management” methods.

So the task was to build a journey model that made sense based on field experience, had research support psychologically and behaviourally, had a language that was accessible for use in business and could be supported by practical “how to” positively framed tools, checklists, processes and facilitation guidance.

The outcome is The Z and the holistic Business Improvement Method (BIM) a.k.a. The Method. In the hands of behaviourally skilled change sponsors and agents The Method will help you architect a plan for successful improvement.

(Note: We know many other Change Methods that are also helpful. The key is having the behavioural skills to apply them – see the LIFT Programme and System).

The Z Model

The Z model describes a behavioural  modification journey in terms of  – EnergyLevers, Stages.

The Method

A framework of practical tools and job aids that help improvement leaders deliver.


OrgZoo is an education, method and consulting support service for large organisations who must implement improvements. We focus primarily on defining, designing and delivering the behavioural modifications required from people to realise benefit from the improvement effort. Then we provide the practical tools to help leaders navigate the improvement journey.

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