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Nokia had designed a new coordinated “go to market” (GTM) approach for its phone business which integrated pre and post launch marketing, product design, customer service and sales in a much more effective way.

After separate roll outs across global regions, APAC was the only area that achieved expectations. The leader of the APAC implementation was then asked to recover implementation efforts in the remaining regions.

OrgZoo were asked to support this process by designing and facilitating an engagement approach to re-energise the stalled implementation.

What we did

  • We had personal involvement with the APAC roll out and we used that experience to inform our approach.
  • We designed a leadership workshop and management planning workshop and then we facilitated 30 of these globally over a 10 week period using a team of 6 OrgZoo associates.
  • The workshops were designed to input energy, build readiness and develop local culture and new GTM process alignment.
  • We fed back to the GTM Global Leader and Project Manager a thermal map of readiness following each event so that they could invest the right level of support energy in each region/ country.
  • This was the first time The Z was used in practice.


The implementation effectiveness globally was substantially uplifted as a result of this energising input.

These country focused alignment workshops and your support were vital. They enabled and energised individuals on the ground in countries and in the regional HQ’s to progress a very challenging change.

I would do exactly the same again if presented with the same challenge.

Jose Luis Martinez

GTM Global Programme Manager , Nokia


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