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Swindon Borough Council (SBC) faced a difficult challenge. They had a massive change agenda, limited finance for external support, a mix of new hires with various levels of change capability and experience of a range of approaches, as well as dedicated long serving experts in social care and local government. Their challenge was to align this diverse group of people around exploring, designing, planning and delivering transformation with little support.

After assessing many change education and training providers, SBC used OrgZoo to educate leaders and provide a detailed implementation method to change agents.

What we did

  • We conducted a series of interactive briefings and workshops to sponsors of the portfolio of change projects.
  • We transferred the Business Improvement Method a.k.a. The Method to the principal change agent.
  • We provided remote safety net support to the chief change agent, coupled with occasional on site support for specific implementation issues.


An immediate uplift in change knowledge and ability to assess and plan change campaigns.

Rationalisation of the change agenda and improved implementation plans.

Improved delivery of large complex change projects.

Every time I explained The Z it was immediately understood, accepted and seen as accurate and practical. Hence, I never used resistance type journey models again in discussions about change.  Since leaving SBC and setting up my own consulting business I only ever use the Z journey model for change planning.

Nick Vat

Change Agent, Swindon Borough Council


OrgZoo is an education, method and consulting support service for large organisations who must implement improvements. We focus primarily on defining, designing and delivering the behavioural modifications required from people to realise benefit from the improvement effort. Then we provide the practical tools to help leaders navigate the improvement journey.

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