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To increase their change capability Kellogg’s Europe wanted a branded, high quality change method. They believed people were more likely to use internal standards and products. They commissioned OrgZoo to develop a bespoke change method building on the Leading Change education programme we had previously delivered to their leadership community.

The finished product had to be applicable to major changes such as CRM, as well as more localised departmental improvements.

What we did

We tackled the assignment like an episode of Ramsays’s Kitchen Nightmares.


Kitchen Makeover

Improvement Method Development

Clean out the kitchen Review internal materials and get rid of duplicates / irrelevance etc.
Simplify the menu Develop a focused framework with a contained number of tools
Theme the restaurant Model and brand the method for appeal in the culture
Use the best ingredients Construct/ modify tools from best available current practice including The Method
Make the taste suitable for customers Road test and refine with users
Present the dishes well Organise and create an easy to navigate and access manual/ charts/ intranet etc.
Test run the new service Apply to important and live projects
Long term organisation Establish the framework owners, early users trained, plan created to extend


The Method provides guidance on how to implement any business change.  Broad multi faceted Projects may use much of what is here, whereas more contained, less strategic efforts may only use the 5 checkpoints.

Tim Mulcahy

European Programme Manager, Kellogg


OrgZoo is an education, method and consulting support service for large organisations who must implement improvements. We focus primarily on defining, designing and delivering the behavioural modifications required from people to realise benefit from the improvement effort. Then we provide the practical tools to help leaders navigate the improvement journey.

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