Change Management

Education and training for leaders and change agents


Change Management know how is a key success factor in any improvement effort.
We are experts at designing and delivering change management education and training. We have delievered this type of intervention to thousands of leaders, project and line managers in many national cultures. The Method provides a foundation of content and we can adjust the style and depth required for the audience.

The type of interventions are-

  • Leadership Mobilisation – orienting sponsors for their role.
  • Change Agent Skills – deeper practical knowledge of The Method.
  • Transformation/Programme Team Orientation – applying The Z and developing team.
  • Project Team Orientation – team development and applying The Z and details of The Method.
  • Labs – tracking, problem solving and recovery with group and expert implementation support.

The Approach

Ideally we would identify needs, design, plan and deliver these interventions as part of an improvement effort. This ensures that sessions are practically oriented towards a real tangible improvement rather than as general management development. We would build on the skills already in place and offer necessary additional skills if required. It is often useful to build in “refresher” change training as part of a team orientation to a new improvement.


  1. People are energised or re-orientated to good change implementation practice.
  2. Real actions and outputs for the improvement are developed in the sessions.
  3. Your people become more self sufficient and can plan and orchestrate the later stages of the improvement with very minimal need for external support.
  4. Access to highly experienced practitioners (not trainers) who have also been implementers in large organisations is offered.

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OrgZoo is an education, method and consulting support service for large organisations who must implement improvements. We focus primarily on defining, designing and delivering the behavioural modifications required from people to realise benefit from the improvement effort. Then we provide the practical tools to help leaders navigate the improvement journey.

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